Devil Red Contacts

Our Contacts are the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween Outfit! 
Not for sale to persons under 18.
Comes as a pair.
These lenses are for single use only and should only be worn for one day.
Always read the instructions before wearing any fashion lenses.
When you purchase this item you agree to the following -
I am over 18 years of age.
I will receive comprehensive advice regarding use and care of the contact lenses by an optician, optical dispenser or a medical practitioner, including information on the fitting, removal and wearing of the contact lenses.
I will wear the contact lenses for cosmetic purposes only and I understand that the product has no medical purpose and does not seek to treat or alleviate any sight or eye defect.
I have healthy eyes and do not suffer from any allergies, infections or eye conditions.
I am aware of the need to remove the contacts carefully and in accordance with the internal written leaflet should I suffer any discomfort, irritation, excess watering or soreness.
I will not wear the lenses when sleeping or when washing my eyes with water.
I will not wear the lenses for longer than 8 hours in one day.
I understand that contact lenses are governed by the General Optical Council and must only be used by people who can confirm the above statements to be correct.